Name: Laura

Age: 27

Role: adviser 

Time at National Debtline: 6 years


Laura has been with us for 6 years. She is extremely passionate about helping people to deal with their debt.

In her spare time Laura devotes herself to amateur musical theatre. She is currently rehearsing for her role as Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act - The Musical.




Did you have any debt advice experience before working here?

I used to work in the insolvency industry so I knew a fair bit about personal debt. I didn't enjoy my old job so jumped at it when a vacancy came up for National Debtline. 

What was your training like?  

I thought my insolvency background would have given me a head start but I still had a great deal to learn. I was surprised at how technical the training was but I'm a teacher's pet so I always had my hand up. Our training gave us a great opportunity to get to know our new colleagues. Some of them are now good friends.  

Describe National Debtline in 3 words

 "Knowledgeable, insightful, superheroes"


What does a successful day look like for you?

I love helping people. You get a wonderful feeling  knowing that you have really helped someone and they have ended the call feeling happier. I love talking so doing it as a job is a bonus for me. My most successful calls are those where I have had to do a little research to find an answer. We have fantastic resources here so even if you are initially unsure, you always know where to look for the answer.

What do you like most about working here?

"Knowing that you have helped is the best reward. It really hits home when a client calls back and tells us that we have helped them to sleep, or that they are now able to cope." 

What’s the hardest part of your job?

It's hard when you have a client who is very emotional or distressed. It can be difficult not to worry for them. As advisers part of our role is to reassure the client and help them to see a way forward. It may not be the solution they were looking  for but we always make sure we tailor our advice to a client's individual needs.        

Tell us about life outside of National Debtline

I love amateur musical theatre. I am Tap and Jazz trained and love to sing. I have had varying parts in some well known productions. I have played Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors and am  currently rehearsing for my role as Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act - The Musical .