Campaign for bailiff reform

 May 2017

Fact sheet no. 601 EW Campaign for bailiff reform

We are part of a new campaign called “Taking Control”, with lots of other well-known charities.  Our campaign is calling for fundamental bailiff reform.

Can you help us with our call for fundamental bailiff reform?

We have worked together on a new report and want to see seven reforms to the rules. These include:

  • independent regulation of the bailiff industry;
  • a free, clear and simple way to make a complaint;
  • a new bailiff fee structure; and
  • other reforms to protect people from unfair treatment.

The campaign needs your help!


bailiff advice

If you need advice about dealing with your debts or bailiff action, contact us for advice.

  • Share your experience about bailiff action anonymously on by filling in a simple form.
  • Read the stories that other people have already shared on the site. 
  • You can read the report at
  • Use the hashtag #bailiffreform to share the campaign if you use social media.

 We will share these stories with Ministers and MPs and ask them to look at reforming the rules on what bailiffs can do.