Magistrates' court fines

The magistrates’ court may order you to pay a fine, for example, for a driving offence, for not having a TV licence or for some other offence.

If you have been ordered to pay a fine by the magistrates' court, you must make sure that you include this in your budget and that you do not fall behind with the payments.

If you have already fallen behind with a magistrates' court fine, the court has strong powers to recover the fine. This is a priority debt.

Dealing with your priority debts and Magistrates' court fines for more advice and information.

See our fact sheet:

Magistrates' court fines

If you have a magistrates' court fine, it is important that you get advice and don't ignore it. We have a fact sheet that might be helpful.

This fact sheet tells you how you can get a fine from the magistrates’ court and how to deal with it. It also describes what the magistrates’ court can do to recover the money you owe on the fine if you do not deal with it, or miss agreed payments.

Use this fact sheet to:

  • find out what the magistrates’ court can do to recover the money owed on a fine;
  • help you to negotiate with the court if you cannot afford to pay the fine straight away;
  • find out how to deal with bailiffs if the court uses them to recover the fine;
  • find out about the amount taken out of wages to pay for a fine;
  • help you to prepare for a hearing at the magistrates’ court; and
  • understand when the magistrates can and cannot send a person to prison if they do not pay the fine.