Rent arrears

Rent arrears fact sheet

For more information about how to deal with rent arrears, see our detailed Rent arrears fact sheet.

This fact sheet will give you practical information and advice if you are behind on your rent. It will explain your options, and the processes your landlord must follow.

Use this fact sheet to:

  • work out what kind of tenancy you have;
  • find out if there is any help you can get with your rent;
  • decide the best option for you;
  • help you negotiate with your landlord; and
  • get advice about dealing with court action.

This fact sheet also includes some useful contacts and links for you to get further help.

If you fall behind with payments on your rent, it is very important to try to make an arrangement to pay back your arrears. You could lose your home if you do not do this. 
Rent arrears are a priority debt. You can find out how to deal with rent arrears at Step 3 of our Four simple steps to dealing with your debts.

If you have rent arrears, contact us for advice or see our detailed Rent arrears fact sheet that sets out how to deal with them.

Rent - help with payments

If you are having difficulty paying your rent, there may be ways of getting help to pay. 

Increasing your income for information about how you might be able to boost the amount of money you have coming in. 

Housing Benefit to find out more about getting help with your rent payments.