Mortgage or secured loan arrears

Mortgage arrears guide

For more information about how to deal with mortgage arrears, see our detailed Mortgage arrears guide.

This guide gives you information and advice if you are behind on your mortgage. It explains your options and the processes your lender must follow.

Use this guide to:

  • find out if there is any help you can get;
  • work out which option is right for you;
  • help you negotiate with your lender; and
  • get advice about how to deal with court action.

This guide also includes some useful contacts and links for you to get further help.

If you fall behind with payments to your mortgage or secured loan lender, it is very important to try to make an arrangement to pay back your arrears. You could lose your home if you do not do this. The information on this page also applies to second mortgages.
Mortgage and secured loan arrears are priority debts. You can find out how to deal with a mortgage or secured loan arrears at Step 3 of our Four simple steps to dealing with your debt.

If you have mortgage or secured loan arrears, contact us for advice or see our detailed Mortgage arrears guide that sets out how to deal with mortgage and secured loan debt.


Mortgages - help with payments

If you are having difficulty paying your mortgage or secured loan, there may be ways of getting help to pay. We have a fact sheet which tells you the different types of help you might be able to get. If you are behind with your mortgage, secured loan, or think you might be soon, it is important to explore all these options.

Use this fact sheet to:

  • understand the different schemes and sources of help;
  • work out if you might be eligible for help; and
  • help you to apply.

Negative equity

If you are worried that your home is in negative equity we have a fact sheet that tells you what negative equity is and your options for dealing with it.

Use this fact sheet to:

See our fact sheet:

Negative equity in your home.

  • find out if there is any help you can get;
  • work out the best option for you; and
  • help you to negotiate with your lender.