Working out your personal budget

​Monthly outgoings: fixed costs

This section includes regular bills, you may not have much control over how much you spend.

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Include your full rent payments here. Put any Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance you get as income under the Your income section of Your budget. Don't put your rent arrears in the Your outgoings sections. There is space to include any rent arrears payments later on.


Include your full mortgage payments here. Put any Loan for Mortgage Interest payments, or Universal Credit housing cost payments, under Your income. Don't put your mortgage arrears in the Your outgoings sections. There is space to include any mortgage arrears payments later on.

Council tax

Check whether you can claim Council Tax Reduction. ​You normally pay council tax in 10 monthly instalments, but some councils will accept payments every week or every two weeks. If you live alone, you will be entitled to 25% off your instalments. The amount you include here should be your full council tax. Include any Council Tax Reduction you get in Your income. There is space to include any council tax arrears later on.

Council tax 

TV licence

Allow £13 a month for a colour licence. If you don't have a TV licence or have fallen behind with your payments, you will need to come to an arrangement to pay because you can be fined for not having a licence.

Find the easiest way to pay your TV licence