Working out your personal budget

Offers of payment to non-priority creditors


no money left to pay your non-priority debts?

If you have no money left to pay your non-priority creditors, you still have options.

What if I have no money left to pay my creditors? or contact us for advice.


Extra advice:

small offers

Don't worry if your offers look very small. Your creditors would rather you pay a small amount regularly than make promises you can't keep to.

Once you have worked out how much you are going to pay off your priority debts, see what money you have left over. Your budget will work this out for you. If you have some money left, Your budget will divide up the money between your non-priority creditors. This is done using a pro-rata distribution. This is how the court would do it and means all your creditors get a fair share of the money you have available.

Extra advice:

what to do next

If you are not sure about what to do next, or about the best option to deal with your debts, contact us for advice.

What if I already have a Sheriff court decree?

10 ways to clear your debt

In the Debt topics area of our website, we have a section which sets out 10 ways to clear your debt. You can compare:

  • how big or small your debts must be to use each of these options;

  • what type of debt you can repay using each option; and

  • how long each option might last before you are debt-free.

You should normally include this debt with your non-priority debts and work out the offer of payment in the same way. It would also be a good idea to see if you can get help to deal with a range of debt options which can stop creditors from taking further action against you, even if you have a decree.

What if my creditors take court action?

If the court has ordered you to pay the decree by instalments, you should normally include these in the Your outgoings section of Your budget.
If you have work out a non-priority offer of payment and this is less than the court has ordered you to pay, you could:
  • decide to pay the amount the court ordered you to pay and include this in the Your outgoings section of Your budget; or


Contact us for advice.

Are your outgoings more than your income?

If your outgoings are more than your income, you should look to see if you can increase your income or reduce your outgoings.

if you can pick up any tips from Increasing your income.

if you can pick up any tips from Help with managing your money and budgeting.

If your outgoings are still more than your income after doing these things, contact us for advice.