Working out your personal budget

​Find the easiest way to pay yo​ur TV licence

Paying for your TV licence is a priority. This is because you can be fined in the sheriff court for not having a licence. This can lead to fines enforcement officers calling at your home, or you could even go to prison.

Court fines

As well as having the fine to deal with, you will still need a TV licence.

You will get 50% off your TV licence if you are registered blind. The licence is free if you are over 75. There are different ways of paying for a TV licence. Work out which one will suit you best.

  • You can use the TV Licensing savings card or make payments at PayPoint outlets in shops. To apply for a TV Licensing savings card, contact 0300 555 0281.
  • You can pay by direct debit either every three months or every month from your bank account. Contact TV Licensing on 0300 790 6115.
  • A TV Licensing payment card allows you to make payments towards your licence weekly or monthly. You can only use the scheme for colour licences. Contact the payment card helpline on 0300 555 3456 or check the TV Licensing website.