Help from charitable organisations

Key facts

How much debt must I owe? ​There is no minimum or maximum level of debt.

What type of debt? It depends on the charity, but usually priority debts.

How long will it last? Debts would be reduced or cleared by the payment.

How it works

Apply for financial help from a suitable charity on the Turn2us website

Get information about trust funds you can apply to for financial help by going to the Auriga Services website Click on the link Download booklet Help with Water and Energy at the top of the page.


  • It relieves stress and anxiety where you are in an exceptionally difficult situation.
  • A charitable payment may pay off a particularly urgent or pressing debt.


  • Most charities are unlikely to be able to help with large credit debts.
  • You must fit the charity rules to apply in the first place, so it may be hard to find a suitable charity.
  • Charities are only likely to help with an emergency or priority debt, not the whole problem (assuming you have more than one debt).
  • You will normally have to fill in a detailed application form or find an advice agency to apply for you.