Tax debt

If you have arrears of income tax, National Insurance or VAT, it is important to make an arrangement to pay what you owe as soon as possible. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have strong powers to make you pay so these are priority debts.

If you are still trading


still trading?

If you have tax debt and are still trading, it is important that you get some expert advice. Contact Business Debtline on 0800 197 6026.

HMRC will not usually allow businesses to continue to build up tax arrears without coming to a payment arrangement. It is important that you get expert advice on what you can do if you cannot pay your income tax bill. 

No longer trading

If you have a tax debt, you have probably been self-employed in the past. If you are no longer trading, you can find out how to deal with a tax debt at Step 4 of our Four simple steps to dealing with your debts.

Tax debts for advice and information about dealing with tax debts.

For more detailed advice, contact us to speak to an adviser.

We also have a fact sheet that you might find useful. It deals with a range of business debts, including debts to HMRC.

Use this fact sheet to:

See our fact sheet:

Business debts.

  • get more information about debts to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs;
  • understand what to do if Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs take recovery action against you;
  • deal with business rates, rent and utility arrears, accountants’ bills, equipment leases and supplier debts; and
  • find out where to get specialist help and advice.

This fact sheet also includes some useful contacts and links for you to get further help.