Sample letter

Creditor harassment warning SCOTLAND (sole name)

​Use this letter to tell your creditor if you think they are harassing you, and ask them to stop. For information about how to use this letter see our fact sheet Harassment by creditors and debt collectors.

Letter in joint names

You can choose to send a letter in your own name or in joint names. You may have a debt in joint names, or want to write to your creditors together because you have worked out a joint budget.
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  • Sign each letter and enclose a copy of your budget if needed.

21 September 2020

Dear Sir/Madam

Account No:

Further to your recent , I am writing because I think your behaviour towards me in trying to collect the debt is unreasonable and could be considered to be harassment.

I have been advised that, under the Financial Conduct Authority's Consumer Credit sourcebook, it is an unfair and improper business practice to:


Please stop trying to recover the debt in this manner. In future, please only contact me by letter only and stop the behaviour I have outlined above.

If you ignore this request or do not change your behaviour, I will make a formal complaint to the following body: .

Yours faithfully