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Affinity Water

Help with your finances

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There are lots of people who sometimes struggle with their finances. If this is you, don’t worry. We provide free, confidential help to ease your worries and help you focus on what to do next.

We can help you to:

  • Check your sp​ending see what you have left.
  • Get some advice if you need it.
  • Make an offer of payment if you have any arrears.
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Help from Affinity water

Affinity Water's customer service teams can help if you are struggling to make payments for your water.

Contact Affinity Water on 0800697982 if you have questions about your account or if you are having problems paying for your water.

There are lots of ways they can help you to set up affordable payments.

You can also chat with a National Debtline adviser, complete your budget, or use the fact sheets and sample letters.ou can chat with a National Debtline adviser, complete your budget, or use the fact sheets and sample letters.

Our debt advice tools

  • How to deal with debt Our ‘How to deal with debt’ guide will help you to complete your budget, maximise your money and choose your debt solution.
  • Fact sheets Our fact sheets give advice and information on a wide range of debt issues and options for dealing with your debt. They are useful if you want to read information on a specific topic.
  • Sample letters We have over 30 sample letters to help you to write to your creditors. You can edit, save, print and download to send to your creditors.
  • Webchat If you need help with your debts you can webchat with one of our advisers. Our webchat service is available Monday - Friday 9am - 8pm and Saturday 9:30 am - 1pm

More ways affinity water can help

  • Payment options Affinity Water can offer a range of different payment options and budgeting schemes to suit you even if you are struggling to pay.
  • Could you pay less? Let them know about your circumstances and they may be able to help with alternative tariffs.  
  • Water meter Having a meter puts you in control of your bills. Affinity Water's water efficiency checks are free. Each visit is worth around £80 but is absolutely free to their customers.
  • Priority Services Register If you think you need extra support with communication, safety or priority help from Affinity Water in a supply interruption you can sign up for the Priority Services Register​.